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Custom Clothing

Custom Clothing



Our custom fitted clothing is designed with your specific measurements then ordered from our brand partners. 

Custom Fitted Suits That

Personalize Your Wardrobe


The Custom and Made to Measure process involves creating a suit that fits your figure, style, and personality. A sales associate will work with you to take a series of measurements that will ensure the perfect fit, as well as go through fabrics and styling options that make the garment unique and one of a kind.

Once your measurements are on file, our sales associates can personalize future purchases for you, and have everything ready on your next visit (or shipped to you). MTM suits, thanks to modern technology, cost only slightly more than off-the-rack models, and are ready in four to six weeks, with fewer fitting sessions.

Customers use our MADE TO MEASURE program for special sizing needs, but many prefer Custom because they seek a larger and more unique selection of fabrics and styles that cannot be found off the rack.


Collars: Long, medium or short points, spread, button-down, even pinhole. If you want to break the rules (say, short collars with short necks), go for it. We’ll make sure it fits comfortably and sits perfectly.

Cuffs: French cuffs are hard to find off the rack. Not with MTM. One or two vertical buttons (horn, shell or what have you), placket buttons with horizontal buttonholes, even contrasting interior fabric.

Body: Sport cut or a fuller frame. Inseams and hem lengths can accommodate style preferences and specific body types. The shoulder seam can lie a little narrow or wide to accentuate your torso perfectly. Want a pocket or don’t? No problem.

Fabrication: The rich variations on a white shirt (or any other hue) are vast: shade, pattern, open weaves, thread counts, Egyptian cotton or blends for stretch. A contrasting pattern inside collars and cuffs adds a unique flair.


Jackets: Pick your lapel width, a higher or lower gorge (lapel notch) or none at all. One, two or three buttons. Side or rear vents (those slits in the suits). Surgeons cuffs (working buttons) and rolling lapels (a sign of a better-quality suit) are all possible. Want a trim “Italian” fit? We can do that.

Pants: No break to a significant break in the pant leg, a higher or lower rise in the waist, cuffed or uncuffed. Pleats or flat-front. A tapered leg or straight. We’ll help you stay contemporary without over-doing it.

Fabrication: In addition to a greater variety of navies and pinstripes than you might imagine, MTM is a great place to explore the “Supers,” a category of high-quality, superfine wools. Describing the fineness (width) of the wool, Super 120s, 140s and 180s didn’t even exist a decade or so ago. Though these fabrics can be “finicky” (delicate and challenging to clean), they really are the caviar of fine wools suit.